Newsletter February 2020

Dear friends of Kunyumba

after over half a year it’s time to share the rapid progress of our permanent location in Malawi with you. And:…You will be amazed!!!WhatsApp Image 2020-02-10 at 13.25.44.jpeg

In such a short time so much has happened: the mainbuilding for the children has already been finished, on the outside as well as the inside;  the smaller house for the manager and his family has also been finished …as well as the covered washing area, the construction for the water tank and solar system. We have already heard that the buildings for Malawi are of high quality in terms of fabric and materials and we are sure, in the long term this will pay off. For that reason most of the energy will be generated by photovoltaic, because there is enough sunlight in Malawi .
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As soon as possible the employees will move with the children into the new buildings and then the big area will be filled with life and laughter. All persons, who are involved in the project, people on site in Senga Bay and friends and contributors of Kunyumba in the rest of the world are looking forward to the official opening ceremony. We will celebrate this event and let you participate, because without the support of small and large donations, what you see on the photos would never have been possible.

The next big step will be the enclosure of the area with a wall - typical for the country - to protect the plantations from hungry herds of goats.

So a boundary offers protection and orientation especially for children, teenagers and young adults with disabilities.

Afterwards the guesthouse will be build, so that the members and patrons, who regularly visit the project to provide special support can find a place to stay.

Many more ideas will follow for this small but important project, which has decisively improved the lives of some people in Malawi.

So stick at it, it’s worth it!
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ZIKOMO on behalf of 35 children (aged between 3 and 28 years) and 9 employees of Kunyumba.


Ute Reichl

Kunyumba e.V.
Am Beethovenpark 40
D-50935 Köln