Newsletter September 2011
An interview from Maaike Bruynooghe with Peter Chasowa, projektmanager since August 2010

Maaike: Let me please introduce you to someone special: This is Peter Chasowa, the local coordinator of our project. Born in the warm hart of Africa and living with a warm hart in Kunyumba. Peter, please introduce yourself.

Peter: My name is Peter Chasowa, from the South of Malawi. I am married to Mercy and we have three children. I worked in the tourist business for many years, but I was missing something, I am now staying with the children here at the wonderful organisation called Kunyumba Trust and my life is fulfilled.

Maaike: Can you describe your job?

Peter: I am looking after the children here, it is my vocation, I am taking care of the finances and accounting of the project and I am looking after the other staff members of Kunyumba.

Maaike: I noticed that you have taken some personal initiative within Kunyumba.

Peter: Yes, I have tried to make a vegetable garden. The children like to work with me in the garden. It is nice to work with the children one on one and to grow our own vegetables.

Maaike: What is your dream for the future?

Peter: I like working with children like Mtima and Ruthie, to know what to do at a particular time at the right place. To give them a chance to develop. Motivate children about education and make them understand why it is so important. Try to teach them skills that in the future they can become more independent, and develop themselves in the best possible way.
In my personal life, I dream of a good education for my children.

Maaike: How has Kunyumba changed your life?

Peter: My life has changed 80%, a lot! I cannot say 100% because I have learnt that everything is possible, the future is unlimited.
I now know how to drive, I m in a good house, my heart is settled. I feel as if I am with my mother and father here.

Maaike: Can you tell me something about Sem?
(Peter adopted Sem into his family. Sem has no family and has a learning disability.)

Peter: I love this boy, he is helpful and polite as I like. I am not regretting to have Sem as my son. He is feeling comfortable, he is singing. He has been a year and two months a part of my family now.
His speech has so much improved, his thinking is developing really well. He used to be ill every Monday morning because he did not get food at home for the whole weekend. He is a strong boy.

Maaike: What has been the most special experience in Kuyumba for you?

Peter: What I have seen is that European people are so kind to Malawian people. I have seen that nothing is impossible, for example Ruthie is now walking.

Maaike: Peter, thank you very much.

Peter: Zikomo Kwambiri my friend, Maaike

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